7 Ways To Wear A Hoodie

Hoodie season is here. Here’s how to make the most comfortable clothing item a bit more stylish.

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Hoodies are everywhere. And it’s not because so many people are hitting the gym. They’ve become an essential (and, yes, comfortable) part of a man’s wardrobe. Here’s how to make the most of them.

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Classic Layers

R&B singer Usher goes for a cozy look that includes a cashmere zip-down hoodie, flannel shirt, and tailored overcoat — just right for colder days.

Rep Your City

Sports and hoodies have long been synonymous. Here Rob Lowe shows LA pride by wearing a Dodgers logo hoodie. It's a simple look that lets the top do all the talking. The slimmer fit complements Lowe's typically more put-together vibe.

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Designer brands have jumped on the hoodie trend too. Jerod Leto shows his longtime loyalty to Gucci by wearing their Dapper Dan collaboration hoodie.

The Schoolboy Look

Eddie Redmayne offers up a throwback to high school covering up his hoodie with a fitted satin varsity jacket and matching joggers.

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Fit To The Body

Most people think of hoodies as being baggy, but Sterling K. Brown shows they don’t have to be. His fitted knit hoodie doesn't look at all out of place paired with his slim-cut plaid trousers.

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Zipped All The Way Down

Pete Wentz sticks to his rocker dad aesthetic by wearing a zip-down hoodie with a vintage Metallica T-shirt and tie-dye joggers.

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Full Face Zip-Up

This more recent style of hoodie adds a bit of edge by offering a full-extended zipper. Mos Def goes for all-black and lets the zipper hardware frame his face. This takes a regularly slouchy hood and gives a bit of structure.

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