6 Celebrity Beard Styles To Imitate This Winter

Looking for some seasonal facial hair inspiration? Look no further.

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If there’s any time to grow a beard, it’s winter. The season begs for a bit more insulation — and allows you more time indoors to grow it out. Seeking a bit of inspiration? Here are six excellent examples.

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The Full Chinstrap Beard

LeBron James opts for a super thin mustache framed by a thick medium-length chinstrap beard. He keeps it trimmed to keep everything uniform.

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The Anchor Beard

Dev Patel’s beard isn’t the thickest, but the anchor-style goatee and beard fill out his face. Equal parts scruffy and well-maintained, he nails the look.

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The Medium-Length Beard

Common shows us the right way to rock a well-shaped medium length beard. Although neatly trimmed, the beard still features some nice growth for a bit of character.

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The Full Sweater Beard

Oscar Isaac shows us the epitome of a winter beard by sporting fully grown-out Old Dutch-style facial hair. His beautifully greying beard is bushy yet exquisitely manicured, perfectly framing his face and matching his salt and pepper hair.

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The Close-Trim Beard

Not all winter beards have to be lumberjack style. Idris Elba keeps his neat and closely trimmed. He lets the grey take over and keeps it moisturized for a healthy appearance.

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The Short Boxed Beard

John Krasinski keeps it classic and wears a neat and closely trimmed full beard. By embracing the patchiness and spots of grey throughout his beard, he keeps the look natural.

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