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7 Restorative Sleep Products To Help You Get More Zzzs

Whether sleeping in or stealing a quick 20, these rest aids will maximize your shut-eye.

by Jon Gugala
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If you’re looking to unplug and capture quality sleep, it’s time to bring in reinforcements. The best sleep products we’ve found address all angles of a good night’s rest, letting you wake the next morning ready to embark on the day’s hunt.

Sparrow Signature Hybrid

Mattresses are like underwear: Eventually, they wear out. So replace that tired cushion with the Sparrow, which offers a range of firmness levels. They can even do one side firmer and one side softer if your partner prefers a different plush level than you.

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Ostrich Original Napping Pillow

No light. No noise. Super soft and only a mildly humorous appearance. This napping pillow is as close to burying your head in the sand as you’d want to get.

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downluxe 18-Pound Weighted Blanket

Few things are as comforting as settling into bed under a weighted blanket. This 18-pound blanket with satin trim melts away stress as you drift to sleep.

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Restore Smart Sleep Device

This alarm clock has music, guided rest, and natural sounds to help you get to sleep. Plus, it wakes you up with a gradually brightening light to mimic a sunrise and help you ease back into the waking world.

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100% Hemp Sheets

Breathable, natural, and softer with each wash, these hemp sheets have to be tried to be believed.

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Manta Sleep Mask

Like blackout curtains for your eyeballs, Manta’s Mask smothers ambient light while breathing well. Plus, its adjustable eye cups allow it to fit a wide range of faces.

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Sleep Number
DualTemp Individual Layer

This cooling and heating pad is perfect if your partner sleeps warmer or cooler than you. It covers half of the mattress, cooling or heating your side of the bed as needed.

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