The Coolest Features In Lego's New Lion Knight's Castle Build

From trapdoors and hidden passages to a hefty 22 minifigures, here's what makes this set stand out from its predecessors.

With the release of the 4,914-piece Lion Knight’s Castle, Lego brought back an enhanced version of its classic castle sets. And it was well worth the wait. Here are a few features that make this set stand out from its predecessors.

The castle opens up via a set of built-in hinges and locks to reveal the vastly detailed interior. When you’re done checking out the interior, the castle closes up for easy storage and display.

Every room is full of fun details, like a fully-stocked kitchen with a working oven, a spring-fed water basin, and sundries hanging on the walls.

There’s a rotating water mill that connects to a mill in the kitchen, spinning it around to grind grain for the kitchen’s use.

The working drawbridge serves two functions: one to allow or deny entry into the castle...

...and to drop any unwelcome visitors directly into the dungeon.

Luckily, there’s a boulder that slides away to reveal an escape route from the cell on the left side of the dungeon.

There are several other ways to bypass the drawbridge, most notably through a cavern underneath the castle floor. Used as a staging area for a potential invasion, there’s a trapdoor on the ceiling for sneaking in.

And fitting for a build this big, the set has a whopping 22 minifigures to fill it.

Lego Lion Knight's Castle

For those of us who grew up playing with our Lego castle sets, this release is a welcome trip back in time. Here's hoping they revive the series in the near future.

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