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9 Beautiful Beer Cans That Make For Stylish Sips

You’ll love checking out the art on these beer cans almost as much as you will drinking their contents.

by Joe Jackson
SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Art and beer is a wonderful combination. Beer art is having a moment thanks to independent breweries coming out with myriad new brews with clever names and the fact that the label of a can is an ideal landing spot for original art. Here are a few of our favorites.

Block 15 Brewery
Fresh Flow IPA

This hazy IPA from Block 15 features artist Chris Herbst’s hand-drawn mountain and wave stoke-scape.

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Prairie Artisan Ales
Rainbow Sherbet Sour Ale

Prairie Ales’ Rainbow Sherbert can is loud and bright just like the surprisingly tasty sour contained inside.

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Melvin Brewing
Back in Da Haze Hazy IPA

The purple break dancing cartoon on Melvin’s Back in Da Haze IPA will brighten up your fridge along with its chuckle-worthy “hop and lock it” tagline.

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Fieldwork Brewing
Ascender IPA

The mixed media art on Field Work’s west coast IPA makes us want to go mountaineering.

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Breakside Brewing
Breakside Amber Lager

You’ll have a hard time recycling this handsome bear painted by Oregon-based artist Erik Abel, but you won’t have a hard time drinking the amber inside it.

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21st Amendment
El Sully Mexican Style Lager

We are officially on a mission to find a real-life version of the extremely rad serape shirt featured on this Mexican lager-style can from 21st Amendment.

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Steamworks Brewing Co.
Steamworks Pilsner

This can of Pilsner features artwork so beautiful and surreal you can get lost in the design as you sip the refreshing light beer inside.

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Against the Grain Brewing
Citra Ass Down

We have no idea what is going on in the art on this can, but we love it—along with the laugh-out-loud name on this gluten-free IPA.

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Modern Times Beer
Dinosaur World

This design from modern times is somehow both subdued and stunning. This kind of art belongs in a museum.

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