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8 Drink-Elevating Bar Accessories To Step Up Your Holiday Cocktail Game

From ice stamps to a shaker that never gets stuck, these products will have you mixing like a pro.

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You probably have all the necessities for your home bar. But these unique and useful accessories will take your mixing game to an impressive new level.

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Viski Clear Ice Maker

Clear ice not only makes your drink look like a pro made it, but it also melts slower, keeping your drink cool longer without watering it down. This two-cube clear ice maker is a must-have if you take your home bar seriously.

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Marcellin Ice Stamp Set

You’d think ice couldn’t get any cooler, but these ice stamps customize your cubes with tattoo-inspired designs. This set from Marcellin comes with three interchangeable copper stamps featuring anchor, jolly roger, and rose designs.

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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker

It’s hard to decide where to start with the Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker. The lid that’s secure yet easy to remove and never freezes shut? The vacuum insulation so your hands don’t freeze when you shake your mix? Spoiler alert: it’s the high-capacity jigger top, which measures your ingredients up to 6 ounces for you heavy pourers.

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Ancient Tin Arrow Design Garnish Cocktail Pick

Toss those regular old toothpicks you’ve been using. These arrow-shaped stainless steel garnish cocktail picks not only reduce waste, but they’ll also class up almost any drink (we can’t guarantee it’ll elevate an AMF).

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Smoke Show Smoker
Smoke Show Cocktail Smoker

Think your time-tested old fashioned recipe can’t get any better? Think again. This smoker fits over the top of most standard cocktail glasses, and comes with either Apple, Bourbon Barrel, Cherry, or Hickory wood dust to add depth to your drink.

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Luxardo Marachino Cocktail Cherries

Please stop using those neon-red cherries in your drinks. Unlike their bright red brethren, these Luxardo cherries are candied fresh, resulting in their darker color and richer flavor.

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Chicken Cock Chanticleer Cognac-Barrel-Finished Whiskey

Every liquor cabinet should have at least one bottle that’s reserved for special occasions like holidays (or an especially tough day at work). This recent release from a 166-year-old Kentucky distillery, Chanticleer is a congnac-barrel-finished whiskey that’s both smooth and bracing, with ripe peach and vanilla notes. They only made 32 barrels of it, so be choosy about who you share it with.

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Mixolab Cocktail Glass Rimmer

Adding a cinnamon rim for your Christmas pint? A spicy salt rim on Aunt Lisa’s margarita? This acacia wood glass rimmer is not only perfect for topping off your favorite drinks, it also makes for a styling accent piece for your bar top.

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