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9 Wild Pool Floaties To Help You Own Every Pool Party This Summer

Few things are more indulgent than clearing your calendar, opening an ice-cold drink, and floating on a pool toy. We suggest dialing that indulgence up to 11 on one of these ridiculous floating devices.

by Joe Jackson
Giant Cabana Dayclub

Make everyday a VIP pool party in this luxury lounge for four with a mesh foot bath and storage compartment for a bluetooth speaker.

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Tank Inflatable Pool Float

Too ornery to let your fellow pool float enthusiasts relax? This five foot by four foot tank caters to the more aggressive floater thanks to its on board squirt gun.

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FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie Golf Cart Pool Float

Is a flamboyantly pink and gold Malibu Barbie Golf Cart collab with Funboy too much? The answer is no, definitely not.

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T-Rex Dinosaur 42" Pool Tube

While a T-Rex would have made a terrible swimmer in real life thanks to those wee arms the ferocious predator makes a heck of a handsome circular float toy.

Pool Floating Golf Turf Game

This Floating Golf Turf game is an excellent way to spend hours playing around the pool while tightening up your chipping game in the process.

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Axis Rocker

This 12-foot 2-inch oversized rocker is like a slightly higher stakes four person seesaw in which users on one side can dump the others into the drink.

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Deluxe Rolling Stones Sit-On Float

Whether it's on a shirt, bumper sticker, or coffee mug embracing the Rolling Stones Hot Lips logo suggests you're down for the party. Level up with this six foot replication of the iconic logo.

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Inflatable Floating Drink Station

Don’t ruin a good float by paddling to the edge of the pool to grab a drink. Let the bar float in flair with you on this inflatable cooler with four cup holder.

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Man-Eating Shark Pool Float

Shade yourself from the harmful effects of the brutal sun in the sweet embrace of this giant floating shark mouth.

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