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  1. The in-laws are coming to town! Time to...
    Crack open the cookbooks and plan a meal they'll never forget
    Stock up on snacks and make sure the takeout menus are ready
  2. Sunday night dinner is a time to...
    Sit down and fire up the oven, the grill, the sous vide...anything but the microwave
    Order in and catch up on some prestige television
  3. Finish the lyric: Saturday...
    In the park, I think it was the Fourth of July
    Night's the night I like, Saturday night's alright
  4. What's your go-to plan for a birthday celebration?
    Pizza, popcorn, and loads of activities
    An elaborate five-course meal
  5. Snacks are...
    Obviously better than meals
    To be avoided—save room for a meal!
  6. Sunday grocery shopping is...
    Something that you just do.
    Something that requires research, thought, and the perfect execution
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