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The 10 Most Trafficked Fatherly Stories on Flipboard in January 2019

Geo Barnett for Fatherly

What interested the Fatherly audience the most last month? Saving money. Raising a kid who isn’t an anxious mess. Cool new gadgets. People with six-pack abs and what’s wrong with them. Mental health. January’s most popular Flipboard stories are all about finding a sustainable way forward in the New Year. We’re all doing our best. Enjoy!

How Much Money You Should Have Saved At Every Age

In this edition of “Bank of Dad” our columnist does his best to calm nerves and coach us all on how to save for retirement.

How To Raise A Kid With Critical Thinking Skills (But Not An Anxious Mess)

Children take the world at face value. Parents need to help them understand what strangers want without frightening them.

Dad’s Viral Post-It Notes About Parenting Are Hilariously Relatable

He says what every parent is thinking.

Parents With Two Children Are Losing Their Minds, Study Confirms

Researchers surveyed 20,000 Australians over the course of 16 years, and found that second children “increase time pressure” and “deteriorate parents’ mental health”.

Anti-Vaxx Mom Gets Roasted for Asking How to Protect Her Kid From Measles

There’s a very obvious solution.

How to Have the Best Quickie Sex of Your Life

The quickie offers a much-needed opportunity to relieve stress, strengthen a relationship, and get off at a time when intimacy, connection, and, well,  time, are luxuries

The Scientific Reason Some Men Refuse to Wear Winter Coats

Men are not any more immune to the cold than they are immune to this ridiculous masculinity standard.

CES 2019: The Best Tech and Gadgets for Parents

The latest and greatest in parenting tech for the massive consumer electronics show.

The Best Bourbons and Ryes That Are “Bottled in Bond”

It’s a distinction that sets a lot of American-made whiskies apart.

The Case Against Wanting, Having, or Getting Six-Pack Abs

Ab workout routines are a drag and generally pretty unhealthy. Also, surveys suggest women don’t care. Maybe just calm down and eat burrito.