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The Seeker

You are a thoroughly modern parent. You defy norms and see nothing wrong with embracing contradiction. You are thrilled to become a parent because you believe that having a child will help you unlock a fuller life and you are excited to tackle the challenges it will present. You want to make the world better by raising a good kid — and you will.

You are highly conscious about your environmental impact. You realize that bringing another life into the world has downstream consequences, and you seek to minimize. As such, you think a lot about the products, and the stuff that surrounds you, because it all has a psychic weight. You tend to surround yourself with things that last versus things made to be thrown away. Though you think that cool new products might make your life easier, you look at most claimed innovations with some skepticism.

You will always have that lingering thought that there might be a better way to parent, but you’ll do your best. You won’t let a tablet with unlimited streaming movies do the childrearing for you. You won’t seek out heavily branded clothes. You will shop with the supply chain in mind and model moral decision-making for your child.

What kind of items are on your registry? You buy items from brands that care as much as you do about their impact on the world. Barring that, you look for baby gear that will help you foster a somewhat spare, pragmatic, but modern life.


Beaba Babycook Food Blender and Steamer

The Beaba Babycook Food Blender and Steamer allows you to create your own creative concoctions for your son or daughter. Load up all the fresh fruits and veggies you want, then steam them inside the machine, retaining all the nutritious juices, in 15 minutes or less. Once they’re done cooking, hit the machine’s mixing blade to puree your recipe down to baby food consistency. We love making big 4.7-cup batches and freezing what we don’t need immediately for later in the week, thereby ensuring there is always healthy, natural, preservative-free food on hand.


Gerber Baby Organic Cotton Prefold Gauze Diaper with Absorbent Pad, 10-pack

The landfills are brimming, the oceans are full of plastic, and you want to do your part. Reusable cloth diapers are a big sacrifice — the kind you’re up to. The easiest part of this journey is the gear. The main part of cloth diapering is, well, the cloth diapers, which should be affordable, durable, and chemical-free. The Gerber Baby Organic Cotton Prefold Gauze Diaper with Absorbent Pad fits the bill. Wrap your infant’s bottom in organic cotton, certified by OEKO-TEX to be devoid of harmful chemicals, dyes, and other additives. The polyester pad provides an extra layer of absorbency for ultimate leak protection, while the stitched edges prevent fraying, ensuring you can use these wash after wash.


Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer

This Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer. It’s not anything to look at, but the polyurethane surface is impermeable to fluids and easy to clean, so you don’t have to put down a liner or pads when you change diapers. This simple fact means it saves you time and money without sacrificing cleanliness. Of course, your kid won’t realize that, but they will appreciate the comfortable softness this changing pad offers.


Fisher-Price Bouncer

Kids love jiggling around in the Fisher-Price Bouncer. Responding to your son or daughter’s natural movements, it offers additional enjoyment thanks to a removable toy bar replete with monkey, lion, and zebra spinners. The cushy seat pad, when soiled, comes out like new after a quick machine-wash. The adjustable three-point restraint ensures your child is perfectly secured, while the nonskid fit prevents them from shuffling away. When you need baby to nap, flick a switch to turn on calming vibrations to send the kiddo off to dreamland.


Honest Company Baby Wipes

Gentle, durable, and scent-free, Honest Company Baby Wipes are a natural way to keep your child clean. These wipes, made from a plant-based woven fabric, are mainly water, ensuring they’re gentle on vulnerable tushes. They’re also hypoallergenic, avoiding alcohol, phenoxyethanol, parabens, chlorine processing, and other additives. While these wipes make great partners on the changing pad, their thick material is also useful for cleaning sticky fingers, small messes, and toys after playdates with friends.


Eddie Bauer Echo Places & Spaces Back Pack Diaper Bag

Pacific Northwestern outfitter Eddie Bauer knows a thing about the outdoors — it’s been a trusted name in natural exploration since 1920. You and your child can depend on its Echo Places & Spaces Back Pack Diaper Bag no matter where the trail takes you. Eight pockets, including insulated bottle spaces, offer a ton of organizational options, while its cavernous interior, accessed through a top flap, is a great catchall when it’s time to head home. The removable changing pad is awesome for those instances when you’re faced with a diaper change and available surfaces are a little sketchy. And though the padded shoulder straps make for all-day carrying comfort, it’s nice to have the option of stroller loops.


Britax Dual Comfort Travel System

Britax includes its popular car seat, stroller, and car seat adapter in the Britax Dual Comfort Travel System package, making it a great one-shot kit to take you through your child’s first years. The B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat features side impact protection thanks to a steel frame, impact-absorbing base, and foam-lined shell. When you arrive at your destination, unfold the lightweight B-Agile Stroller with one hand and quickly transition to three-wheeled movement. The seamless integration makes it an easy choice for both around-town errands and long road trips to see the grandparents.


Britax B-Safe Ultra Cool Flow Infant Car Seat

When temps start to rise, your child will stay cool in the Britax B-Safe Ultra Cool Flow Infant Car Seat. Made from a ventilated cool flow mesh similar to your favorite workout shirt, the fabric is exceptionally breathable. Your child will also rest easy surrounded by the comfortable foam padding, which has an added benefit of dampening external sound for blissful, undisturbed sleep. With side impact protection, an energy-absorbing shell, and adjustable headrest, the seat is one part safe and one part sleep-inducing.


Colgate Mattress EcoSpring 2-in-1 Crib Mattress

Colgate combined its high-tech mattress knowledge with eco-friendly components to make the EcoSpring 2-in-1 Crib Mattress, one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market. The mattress is entirely plant-based, including an insulator pad made from coconut-shell husks and an organic cotton cover. Composed of 190 separate coils, it provides tailored comfort for all types of sleepers, while its dual-firmness design allows you to flip the mattress for tailored support from your child’s infancy through toddlerhood.


Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set, 3-pack

The three-count Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set comes with quite a few bona fides. Since its introduction, it has become the top physician-recommended breast-milk storage product in the U.S. If your partner has one of the company’s breast pumps, these bottles are tailor-made for the machines, though they can be used on their own too. The BPA-free vessels are dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and each has easy-to-read volume marks on the side. We especially liked their leakproof lids, which handle travel and the freezer with equal efficiency.


Boon Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub

Bathtime doesn’t have to be complicated, and the Boon Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub strips it of all but the essentials. Storing nearly flat when not in use, the vessel opens and provides the support of a reclining seat for older children. After your kid is clean, pop its drain plug for easy emptying and convenient cleanup. A nonskid base ensures the unit stays in place, wet or dry. Built-in hooks allow for easy drying when hung from the back of a door or a shower rod. When the tub gets dirty, just wipe its nonporous surface with soap and water.


Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash

Phthalate-, sulfate-, and paraben-free, with no junky chemicals or fragrances, Honest Company’s Shampoo & Body Wash fits your ethos to a T. Its no-tears formula is gentle on the skin and its pleasant lavender scent leaves your child’s skin and hair smelling fresh.


Badger Basket Embassy Wood High Chair

Made from solid wood, the Badger Basket Embassy Wood High Chair will stick with you for the first years of your kid’s life. The highchair sports a fixed wooden tray with a removable plastic tray, has a five-point harness to ensures wriggle-proof security, and converts to a “real” chair once your kid is big enough to join the table and eat with the family.


Aura Cacia Essential Oil Discovery Kit

The Aura Cacia Essential Oil Discovery Kit is the just the de-stressor your house needs. Featuring eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree scents, this nontraditional kit not only offers natural relief but also includes a guide about each botanical’s benefits.


Peanutshell Star Bright Milestone Chalkboard

Whether its words are just for you and your partner or as a means of sharing your child’s early months with friends and family, the Peanutshell Star Bright Milestone Chalkboard does both memorably. With the included chalk, write down the changes happening with your baby month by month, either using it as an informative photo prop or as a visual reminder of how fast your kiddo is growing up. After the requisite ’Grams, wipe the board clean with soap and water and slide it away until next month — or leave it out as a reminder to enjoy the time, since it’s moving fast.


DockATot Grand Dock

Simple at first glance, the DockATot Grand Dock is an ingenious sleep system for your growing child. Its Swedish design uses plush sidepieces in the shape of a horseshoe to gently corral your kiddo. Whether baby is playing, sleeping, or cuddling with you nearby, there’s a soft surface on which to rest. We especially like it as a transition to a toddler bed, sliding over the mattress for extra assurance and safety. When soiled, its cotton fabric slides off and is machine-washable.


Tile Pro Sport

As a new parent, you’ll have plenty of things on your mind — and where your keys are is probably not one of them. The Tile Pro Sport is the fix for this. Its 200-foot range easily allows you to find keys and other often-misplaced essentials thanks to an audible sound, which emanates from the unit by way of your phone. Yes, that means you can use it in the reverse by tapping its grippy exterior to locate your misplaced phone. Waterproof, impact-resistant, and with tons of applications, if it were any easier to use, it would be attached to your hip.


Honest Company All-Purpose Balm

Made from organic sunflower, olive, and coconut oils, the Honest Company All-Purpose Balm is a natural way to promote healing from all kinds of childhood bumps, scrapes, and irritations. Blending chamomile and calendula, it gently calms and soothes bug bites and other irritations. We also love the addition of tamanu oil, which moisturizes dry, chapped skin. Hypoallergenic, certified organic, and botanical-based while containing zero petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, synthetic fragrances, or dyes, this balm is a must-have for any diaper bag and first-aid kit.


Safety 1st Complete Healthcare Kit

The Safety 1st Complete Healthcare Kit is a must-have for every new parent. Its clear-view zippered bag quickly allows you to find the exact item you’re looking for. A nasal aspirator, medicine syringe, fingertip toothbrush (for massaging achy gums), and a digital thermometer are all included. It comes in a convenient package that can easily be stored in the car or with the grandparents.


Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

Halfway between a swaddle and blanket, the Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket provides the best of all worlds, meaning there’s enough room for limb movement but it won’t fall off in the middle of the night. This garment, made of fully organic ringspun cotton for ultimate softness, leaves baby’s head and arms outside while keeping the core, legs, and feet covered for all-night warmth. Secured with a YKK zipper guaranteed for life, it will probably last until your child grows out of it. We especially like its easy access for those late-night diaper changes.


Skip Hop Double Play Reversible Playmat

This PVC- and phthalate-free soft foam mat is essentially two mats in one. On one side, a colorful cityscape with roads and buildings is filled with details that captivate. On the other, a monochromatic pattern lulls, making it great for a quick nap. The waterproof construction repels dirt and wipes clean, while its single-sheet design rolls up easily and stores away with minimal space required.


Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

Unlike other baby monitors, the Owlet Smart Sock 2 isn’t designed to let you see or hear your kid. It goes a step further, letting your monitor their vitals. Simply put the wearable sock on your kid’s foot when they go to sleep and it will keep track of their heart rate and oxygen level. If either number hits a dangerous level, the sock sends a signal via Bluetooth to your phone and a base station that lights up and sounds an alert. Far from a gimmick, the Owlet is a clever application of technology that can provide more peace of mind than a traditional monitor.