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During the Weekend, You Are...

The Griller

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The minute the clock strikes 5 on Friday, you fire up the grill, crack open a beer, and get your weekend of al fresco cooking started. It’s not just the delicious final product that you appreciate, but everything that goes into it: the ritual of lighting the charcoal, the time spent relaxing outside while smoke wafts through the air, and the entire family sitting down to enjoy a meal that’s automatically more fun than anything you can whip up in the kitchen.

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Fresh Veggie Grillers

The only thing better than the smoky, charred flavor that grilling imbues to a fresh vegetable is the smoky, charred flavor that grilling imbues to six fresh vegetables. They come pre-skewered, so all you have to do is throw them on the grill, add your favorite seasoning, and enjoy.


Hamburger Patties

These quarter-pound patties are made of high-quality, certified organic beef sans fillers, hormones, antibiotics, or any of the other stuff that doesn’t belong on a burger.


Fresh Corn (with Husks)

No summer is complete without corn-on-the-cob, a simple food that’s simply divine when you cook it right. And by “cook it right” we mean grilled to perfection and served with salt and butter to taste.


Oscar Meyer Classic Uncured Beef Franks

Are hot dogs something of a layup for backyard grillmasters? Yes. Are they still one of the tastiest, most kid-friendly things you can grill? Also yes.


Heinz Tomato Ketchup

If you’re going to make burgers and dogs, you simply have to have some Heinz on hand. Ketchup also deserves more credit than it gets as a key ingredient in a ton of other sauces.