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Find your partner a gift that is...


Receiving something as a gift automatically imbues it with more meaning than buying it yourself, but some people appreciate an even more personal touch, a gift that captures what makes the relationship between giver and receiver special.

If that sounds like something your partner would appreciate, consider a piece of Pandora jewelry that speaks to the special love you share like a heart-shaped ring or a moon and star charm. Not only will it be tied in their memory to the holiday you shared, but wearing it will serve as a reminder of what makes your relationship great.

Pandora Sparkling Elevated Heart Ring

Even among the clear cubic zirconia that run around the entirety of this ring, the pink elevated heart stands out.


Pandora Moments Heart T Bar Snake Chain Bracelet

This 14K rose gold-plated band just looks warm, and the unique T-Bar heart clasp will remind your partner of your love whenever she wears it.


Pandora Sparkling Freehand Heart Charm

A whopping 50 (!) cubic zirconia make this heart-shaped charm stand out, but it’s the “xoxo” cut-outs on the edges that truly make it unique.


Pandora Sparkling Levelled Heart Charm

Just as you’ve built your relationship over the years, this charm features two hearts of pink cubic zirconia building to a beautiful orchid pink man-made crystal centerpiece.


Pandora Galaxy Blue & Star Murano Charm

Recreate the romance of staring at the star together with this charm, a striking recreation that captures the beauty of the night sky.


Pandora Star & Crescent Moon Charm

“Dream big” is the message engraved on the side of this moon-and-stars combo charm. What better way to remind your partner of the future you have in front of you?