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Find your partner a gift that is...


Most people like the holiday season, but some absolutely love it. We’re talking about the folks who fire up their Christmas playlists on November 1, dedicate most of the basement or attic to ornament and light storage, and look forward to Christmas morning with the anticipation of a kid who still believes in Santa.

If that sounds like your partner, a holiday-appropriate piece of Pandora jewelry is the way to go. That might mean an explicitly Christmasy charm, a wintry necklace, or a bright green bracelet, the common denominator being that it makes your partner’s favorite time of the year feel even more special.


Pandora Pavé Asymmetric Star Collier Necklace

The asymmetry and dual-star design makes this seasonal emblem a bit funkier and more fun than more traditional designs.


Pandora Sparkling Pavé Tennis Bracelet

A 14k rose gold-plated tennis bracelet comes alive with holiday spirit thanks to the royal green crystals throughout.


Pandora Moments Asymmetric Star Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

As a blank canvas for Pandora charms or a standalone piece, this bracelet’s star design subtly makes it a festive holiday piece.


Pandora Santa Claus On The Moon Double Dangle Charm

If the Santa-sitting-on-the-moon design wasn’t enough of a tip-off, the top of this charm is engraved with “Merry Christmas to all…”


Pandora Christmas Tree Charm

An assortment of green, blue, and red stones mimic a well-adorned spruce that your partner can carry with her on her wrist.


Pandora Sparkling Snowflake Bracelet Gift Set

Inspired by the uniqueness of every snowflake, this bracelet set includes both a bracelet and a snowflake charm with cut-out hearts along the side.