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Man's Best Friend

Do Dogs Know When You’re Crying? Yes, And They Want You To Feel Better

Want your dog to help you through hard times? Try crying.

Pregnancy Loss

How To Support A Woman After A Miscarriage

It's important to acknowledge the loss and offer all the support you can.

Baby Names

Scientists Prove That Baby Names Sculpt Adult Faces

Can you accurately guess a person’s name? Actually, yeah, and there's a reason for that.

Man's Best Friend

How To Keep Your Dog Calm Around 4th Of July Fireworks

Forty-five percent of dogs have a serious firework phobia.


‘Black Panther’ Finally Brings Black Scientists Into the Mainstream

Marvel's newest blockbuster is a representational win on many fronts, including the portrayal of black scientists in major media.


Child Pornography is Set for a Comeback as Court Guts Regulations

After an August 3rd legal decision, the porn industry will be far less regulated which may mean an increase in child pornography.


Anti-Vaxxers Are Wrong or Lying: Measles Vaccine Saves Kids From Death

The disease is making a comeback thanks to deluded parents too lazy or irresponsible to do their research.


Why Does Child Care Cost More Than College? No Programs for Parents.

It's an existential question for many working parents, but the answer is simple: Lack of effective government programs.


Why McDonald’s New Happy Meal Standards Won’t Make as Much of a Positive Impact as They Should

The fast food chain should do more to prove its commitment to children’s health and supporting parents.


Americans’ Baby-Making Habits Are Starting to Make Sense Again

What's surprising isn't the current dip – it's the past increase.


Reducing A Child’s Fear Of Pain Can Actually Help Them Feel Less Of It

Expectations have a significant effect on reality.


How New Dads Use Social Media to Understand Fatherhood

Fathers don't share much, but they take it all in.


Betsy Devos Said Common Core Was ‘Dead’. It’s Not

Even when states have revised standards, 'the core of the Common Core remains.'


Science Shows That Kids Start Off as Natural Optimists

But trusting everyone comes with psychological pros and cons.


Just Wearing a Lab Coat Can Help Students See Themselves as Future Scientists

Getting kids into STEM could be as easy as a change of clothes.


What is an “At-Risk” Student? There’s No Clear Definition, Just Stigma.

There are only students. And stigma.


Why School Security Won’t Ever Stop School Shootings

Guns in the classroom won't address the type of alienation, humiliation, and isolation endemic to high schools.


Does Air Pollution Hurt Kids? Yes, But Only In These Specific Places.

Asthma cases attributable to traffic pollution are down, but hundreds of thousands of American kids are still suffering.


How to Care for Gender-Nonconforming Kids: Experts Offer Parents a New Approach

The best thing a parent can do for gender non-conforming kids is be by their side.


The Rational Approach to Assessing Risks (Like an Adult Person)

Risk is more than just the chance something will occur.