RM Vaughan


Toxic Mask-ulinity: Why So Many Men Don’t Wear Face Masks

"The idea that the mask is inconvenient comes from how men have been socialized to believe that the world conforms to their ideas and needs."


What Men Need To Teach Boys Today More Than Anything

In Boys: What it Means to Become a Man, Rachel Giese discusses the myriad issues boys face today — and what can be done to truly help them.


My Father Chose Technology Over Me

When you are a child and your father has an all-consuming interest that's not you, it takes no time for you to internalize his prioritizing. You are, at best, second.


Want to Be a Better Father? Stop Trying to Be a “Good Man”

According to Dr. Kenneth Moffatt, only when traditional ideas of masculinity are cast aside can men truly be the fathers their children need.


If You Do One Thing For Your Kids, Plan For Your Death

Despite how it safeguards their families, many men avoid will-writing and estate planning. What is it that makes them so hesitant to do it?