Raz Robinson


Analysis Proves the Most Popular American Baby Name Ever is… Linda

Don't think you saw this one coming.


What Costs the Same as it Did in the 1980s? Just Stamps

Looks like postage stamps are about one of the only things that are literally cheap as they've ever been.


As Toys ‘R’ Us Closes U.S. Shops, Toy Brands Scramble

The closure will likely push a lot of brands further into online retailing.


The Craziest New Baby Names Are Heavy Metal as Hell

"Look at Slayer napping. Isn't he just the cutest thing!?"


The Confusing Story of Instagram Star Lil Tay’s “Disappearance”

"Hope is trying to grab at her fame, money and ultimately take Tay away from her mother who has loved and cared for Tay all her life,"


This Adorable Video of a Dad ‘Breastfeeding’ His Newborn Is Taking Over the Internet

What happened was actually a pretty common occurrence.


Elementary School Hosts Sixth Grade Valentine’s Day Where Girls Can’t Say ‘No’ If Asked

Despite the pushback school officials don't appear to be changing their minds.


Wiz Kalifa Got Dad-Shamed For Letting His Kid Ride the Bus to School

The criticism is totally bogus and the rapper was quick to defend his parenting in a follow-up video.


5 Profound Quotes From Letterman’s Jay-Z Interview About Fatherhood, Responsibility, and Cheating

Both men seem to be figuring out how to keep it all together while entering a new chapter in life.


‘Star Wars’ Plot Hole About Jedi Robes Is Tearing the Internet Apart

Let's get into it.


Her Autistic Son Hates Photos So This Mom Let Him Do A Family Shoot Dressed As A Dinosaur

According to Bishop, more parents should just try and let their autistic children represent themselves.


Flaming Hot Cheetos Can Apparently Send You to the Hospital

Don't worry, beyond the fact that they're a salty and nutritionless snack, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos really won't kill you.


Why This X-Ray Of A Grape Lodged In A Kid’s Throat Went Viral

Parent's stay sharp—grapes are about the same size as your child's airway.


Watch a Baby Deliver Himself Via ‘Natural Cesarean’

Once his head and shoulders were out, he was off to the races.


Study Warns That ‘Toddler Drinks’ Could Be Harmful

According to the study, companies that manufacture toddler drinks need to be more transparent about what their health benefits really are.


Gordon Ramsay Screaming Curses at MasterChef Junior Contestants is Mean and Hilarious

Don't worry, the video is a fake.


Watch Post Malone Rap Nursery Rhymes with Rhett and Link

All three have a blast.


Ashton Kutcher’s Solution to Balding? Embrace the Baseball Cap.

Most people probably wouldn't say Kutcher is going bald but his point about caps is valid.


Wales Is Taking a Large Step Forward In Making National Anti-Spanking Law

The Welsh government is engaged in a national debate about whether or not parents should be able to physically reprimand their children.


Disney World is Now on Google Maps and It’s Kind of Hilarious

Street View gives potential visitors time to slow down and realize what a random and hilarious place Disney World can be.