Paul Underwood


Talking to Fathers About Their Guns

With my daughter nearing sleepover age, I didn't know how to approach other dads about their guns and how safe they are. So I asked.


Waiting for My Son’s Ball to Drop

Three percent of full-term boys (and 30 percent of premature boys) are born with an undescended testicle. One such boy is my son.


How to Entertain Kids By Going for a Drive in the ‘Pretend Car’

What I love about this game for me is that it gives me insight into how my kid sees the world. What does she remember, what upsets her, what inspires fear?


Where Is the App That’ll Help Me Make Dad Friends?

There's Tinder for singles. Peanut for moms. But nothing for lonely dads looking to connect with like-minded fathers. What gives?