Oliver Lee Bateman


Daniel Bryan Became WWE’s Bad Guy By Being a Good Dad (and Dude)

He cares about his daughter and the environment. He's on the right side of social issues. So why is everyone booing a great WWE champ?


The Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet Rocks (Your Baby to Sleep)

Yes, it's pricey, but sleep is valuable.


The Nuna Pipa is the Toughest Lightweight Car Seat and It’s a Tank

It's easy to install. Easy to haul around. And it's all-around great.


Video Games Were My Everything. Becoming a Father Fixed That.

When I play video games, I’m stealing time from myself. I’m willing to take that loss up to a point, but I won’t be after the birth of my daughter. The cost will be too high. 


Oliver Bateman: A Letter to My Nephew About Being Big, Feeling Small, and Facing the World

It’s possible to appear so powerful that you don’t have a care or problem in the world — so powerful you become a problem in the world — without anyone ever asking you about your own cares or problems.


Superheroes and American Heroes Vanquished Good Role Models for Kids

It's tempting to tell kids they should admire heroic people. But what they actually need is someone to emulate.