Matthew Utley


How To Safely Throw A Baby In The Air And Catch Them

Strong body mechanics can make throwing a child in the air easy and keep the kid safe.


How To Teach A Child To Understand ‘Bad Words’

Not every bad word is a swear, and what is considered a bad word can vary from family to family.


How To Hurry Up A Slow Kid Who Keeps Dawdling

Kids dawdle because they can get away with it. Oftentimes taking a few extra seconds to engage them directly is enough to speed them up.

Bath Time

When Should Siblings Stop Taking Baths Together?

The long and the short of it is that kids can bathe together forever if they're okay with it. That said, they probably won't be.

Diaper Changes

How To Change A Baby Without A Changing Table

When parents have to improvise on changing diapers, safety comes first — and a well-stocked diaper bag makes it easier.


How To Get Baby Poop Out Of Carpet, Clothes, And Furniture

A pragmatic, if cringeworthy, guide to cleaning up the worst kind of kid-conceived mess.

Winter Holidays

How To Toddler-Proof A Christmas Tree

One thing you're allowed to be neurotic about this season: low-hanging ornaments.


What To Do When Potty Training Doesn’t Catch On

Creating a stress-free atmosphere for potty time helps kids adjust to this new responsibility.

Kids' Health

How To Convince A Sick Kid To Eat

Kids will eat when they feel like it. Hydration is the real goal.

Sad Times

What To Do When Your Child Isn’t Invited To A Kid’s Birthday Party

Kids aren’t going to get an invitation to every birthday party. Since that will be true for the rest of their lives, parents need to model a reasonable response.

Scrub A Dub Dub

How To Clean Bath Toys, Which Have More Mold Than You Think

Bath toys are a pain to clean, but it can be done. However, it’s better to prevent them from getting moldy to begin with.


How To Help A Child Make New Friends

Kindergarten friendships aren’t something to be shrugged off. Instead, they’re crucial experiences in a child’s development.


The Best Way To Plan And Make Rules For A Little Kid Playdate

The biggest thing parents need to be concerned about with playdates is clear communication and household safety.

Child Development

When Do Babies Start Walking? When They’ve Gotten Plenty Of Practice

Toward the end of their first year, most babies will be looking to start their toddling career.


How To Keep Kids From Putting Stuff In Their Mouths

Habits are hard to break, even those learned as babies. Patience and consistency can help redirect a child’s biting and behavior.


How To Stop A Kid From Chewing On The Crib

Babies have always chomped, it’s just that gums don't leave marks. Parents can help by giving kids an appropriate way to relieve their discomfort.


When Do Babies Start Talking? It Depends on Parents.

A baby starts talking after listening to parents talk to them. That may seem simple, but there's science behind it. Learn how to boost your baby's word wonder.


How To Teach A Potty Training Kid To Wipe Their Ass Properly

The little-discussed, drawn-out final chapter in the potty training saga.


How To Sterilize And Clean Baby Bottles

In many cases, good old soap and water are all you need to clean a bottle.


The Effects Of Locking A Child In Their Room

When toddlers start a-roaming, it can be tempting to lock them in their bedroom. It’s a terrible idea.