Matthew Utley

Use Your Words

How To Trick A Kid Into Talking About Their Day

When children won’t talk, parents’ best tools are patience and gentleness.


How to Teach a Potty Training Kid to Wipe Their Ass Properly

The little-discussed, drawn-out final chapter in the potty training saga.


Punishment for Kids Who Don’t Respond to Punishment

If the kid doesn’t care about a punishment, it’s the wrong punishment. But more severe does not necessarily mean more effective.


Pneumonia Symptoms: How to Know the Difference Between Colds, the Flu and Something Worse

Pnuemonia symptoms are subtle which makes recognizing if a child has caught the illness particularly tricky. Luckily there are some good signs a parent can watch for.


How to Teach Kids to Listen, Change Their Minds

Listening is more than paying attention. It is about understanding the story being told.


How to Prepare a Baby for Daycare and Stop the Crying Before It Starts

The daycare handoff shouldn't come as a surprise.


How Parents Can Save Money on a Disney Trip

Parents can find discounts for Disney properties with a little thoughtful shopping, but they need to be wary of trip-killing scams.


Chores for Kindergartners: What Can Kids Really Handle?

Kindergartners clean up at school, so they can do the same at home. Parents need to set firm boundaries about expectations and follow through.


A Mud Kitchen Is the Must-Have Backyard Toy for Kids

Mud kitchens allow kids to make, squish, and experience mud. More importantly, they help them explore their imaginations and thrive in summer.


How to Burp a Burpless Baby

Since all babies swallow air, all babies burp to some degree. How to make it happen is a matter of what works best.


How to Prepare a Bottle for Feeding

Breastmilk or formula, by hand or bottle prep machine – the most important part of this process is that the baby gets enough nutrition.


Amniocentesis Risks: How to Decide if the Amnio Test Is Worth It

Amniocentesis is a prenatal procedure that can offer a much more comprehensive diagnosis than ultrasounds — but not without raising other risks.


When Do Babies Start Walking? When They’ve Gotten Plenty of Practice

Towards the end of their first year, most babies will be looking to start their toddling career.


Teach Your Kids Not to Get Weird Around Disabled People

Kids generally don’t have hang-ups about differently-abled people – but their parents can, even if they don’t mean to.


How to Toddler-Proof a Christmas Tree

One thing you're allowed to be neurotic about this season: low-hanging ornaments.


How to Transition a Co-Sleeping Toddler Into Their Own Bed

Transitioning to a toddler bed is a big change for the kid, and frustratingly slow for the parents. Patience is essential.


How to Prevent Young Kids From Getting Overstimulated

Every kid can be pushed past their level of tolerance. When parents know the signs, they can learn how to avoid it.


How to Find a Surrogate Mother

Couple seeking a surrogate can use an agency or ask a family member or friend, but there are good reasons to have an experienced guide.


How to Help a Kid Poop Faster and Fight Constipation

Putting pressure on slow pooper doesn't help. There are other strategies that do.


How to Prevent Child Abductions and Kidnappings

Child abduction statistics suggest kids are significantly more likely to run away with someone they met online than be abducted off the street by a stranger.