Lexi Krupp

Child Development

Toddler Learning Videos Don’t Work Because Young Brains Don’t Get Screens

A new study shows that toddlers brains are wired to learn new tricks — but through real-live social cues, not something taught on a screen.

Scare Time!

The Developmental Reason Kids Love It When Parents Play Monster

Your kid wants you to "play monsters" and (pretend to) scare the crap out of them all day every day. But why?


It’s Time to Get a Primary Care Doctor

One in four men don't have a primary care doctor in the U.S. This pandemic shows this needs to change.


A Parent’s Guide to Treating Symptoms of Coronavirus

Many parents and kids will be home with the coronavirus looking to alleviate symptoms. Here's what parents need to know about over-the-counter medicine for the novel coronavirus.


Parent Coaching Can Make Life Easier, Or More Stressful. The Choice Is Yours.

Do you need a little extra help figuring out this parenting thing? Parent coaching might be for you — or it might be a waste of time and money. Here's how to make the call.


Smoke Masks For Kids Aren’t As Safe As You Think

Whether you're in wildfire country or an area prone to smog, smoke masks are not going to help your kids. They're not made for them.