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Kids' Health

What To Do About A Child’s Night Terrors

Preventative measures go a long way to putting an end to your child's night terrors.

Kids' Health

What To Do About Kids Who Sleepwalk

Sleepwalking kids are unsettling, but shouldn't be alarming to parents. Here's what to do.


How To Discipline A Stubborn Child

You might not be able to control their behavior, but you do have control over what they learn.


The 11 Long-Term Benefits Of Discipline For Kids

Discipline is a foundation for understanding consequences, making behavioral decisions, and establishing lasting personality traits.


7 Signs Your Kid Needs More Discipline — And How To Start

Is your child running the show? Here's what to do.


The 10 Most Underrated National Parks in America

There are 59 national parks in the United States. These are the hidden gems.


How To Talk To Children About Death: The Right Words To Say

It might be the hardest conversation you have with your children, but it's also one of the most important.


Everything New Parents Need To Know About Birth Certificates

You can change your child’s name within the first 6 months, no questions asked.


7 Ways to Improve Your Kid’s School Lunch

Your kid's lunch is weak and they know it. We turned to an instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute to help liven it up.


Watch John Legend Sing 'The Stinky Booty Song' To His Daughter

Singing along with John Legend and the two other dads behind the catchy new Father's Day Pampers ad.


Single Dad Support Groups: What You Need to Know

Reaching your potential and feeling fulfilled as a single dad can feel overwhelming. That’s why single dad support groups are on the rise.


The Apathetic Guide to Birthstones for Men

A brief history of birthstones — and a few gifts to get the gem lover in your life.


 7 Spooky and Silly Halloween Games for Kids

The best Halloween activity for kids is a holiday-themed game. Here are 7 of our favorites.


The Profound, Long-Lasting Benefits Of Playing With Barbie

How picking up a doll shapes your child’s future.


10 Crucial Time Management Tips for Dads

These time management tips will help you get organized so that you can have more if it to spend with family, friends, and yourself.


Why Discipline Helps Kids

Proper discipline leads to self-motivation, self-control, and emotional stability over the long haul.


10 Outdoor Birthday Party Games & Activities for 3-Year-Olds

Looking to impress a 3-year-old on their birthday? Party on a farm, at the "beach", or by digging in the yard.


The Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Make bath time more bubbly with these floating, squirting, squeaking, splashing bath toys.


18 Original and Wildly Fun 2-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

From a rainbow party to a fairy-tale fete, these birthday party themes are perfect for a 2-year-old.


How Does Child Support Work With Joint Custody?

Everything parents need to know about child support payment when it comes to joint custody.