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50 Best Dad Jokes You Can Use On Your Kids Right Now

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Denzel Washington Curing Erectile Dysfunction Is Probably Fake News

If the rumors are true, The Equalizer might have found the perfect erect-ilizer. Apparently, the star of Equalizer 2 teamed up with a daytime television host Dr. Phil to concoct a cheaper, effective alternative to other commercial erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra and Cialis. ADVERTISEMENT There’s not a lot of information out about Washington and... View Article


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Parents Who Lost Custody For Kid Pranks Are Now Pranking Their Other Kids

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The 10 Best Podcasts For Kids in 2018 (So Far)

When you listen to the right podcast your day gets a thousand times better. Listening to a podcast is like getting invited into a room where all of your coolest and smartest friends are hanging out to talk about everything from mind-blowing science facts to nitty-gritty parenting advice. Good episodes can teach you something new... View Article