John McCracken

abortion rights

13 States Had Abortion “Trigger Bans” Ready — Here’s When They Go Into Effect

Over a dozen states have abortion “trigger bans” — laws set nearly immediately go into effect — for the fall of Roe. Here’s what to know.

Title IX

Biden’s Title IX Announcement Is a Big Deal — Here’s Why

Last week, the Biden administration announced they’d be restoring necessary rules to Title IX.

public health

The FDA Just Banned Juuls — What's Next?

The FDA has asked Juul to take their signature vapes off the market. Here's how we got here.


Egg and Chicken Prices Explode As 15 Million Chickens Get Bird Flu

Here's how to ease pain at the checkout line.


Walmart’s Low Cost Insulin Shows Pharmaceutical Price Gouging is Real

The nation's largest retailer is diving into diabetic care. They're not alone.


The Government Just Made it Harder to Foreclose on Millions of Homeowners

Though COVID-19 homeowner protections are growing, the push for a foreclosure moratorium lingers.