Jillian Mock


Praise The Process, Not The Talent: How To Build A Growth Mindset In Kids

Children who are taught to believe intelligence can grow with hard work are more likely to be resilient and confident when facing challenges.

Child Development

The Still-Face Experiment Shows The Damage Done When Parents Stare At Their Phones

A classic psychology experiment shows the link between adult phone use and child neglect.

Silver Fox

Going Gray Early? Blame Your Kids.

Gray hair isn't just a matter of genes and timing. A new study finds that stress can speed up the process.


4 Ways Boredom Is Actually Great For Kids

Don’t feel pressure to plan every minute while your kid is on a break. A little boredom can be a good thing.


The Grandparent Quarantine: How to Keep Older Family Members Safe

The coronavirus could disproportionately affect your parents. Time to think about how to keep them safe.


How to Prepare for the Coronavirus: A Parent’s Guide

This week the CDC said the virus will likely spread to the United States. Don’t panic. Get ready.


All Parents Offer Empty Promises and Hollow Threats. But Do They Do Harm?

When a child acts out, it is all too easy to make a promise or threat a parent has no intention or ability to keep. But that could hurt your relationship in the long run.

Kids' Health

Vitamins For Kids Are Unnecessary, Expensive, And Potentially Harmful

More is definitely not better when it comes to vitamins and supplements. 

Men's Health

Men Get Healthier When They Become Dads

Men tend to feel a greater sense of purpose when they become parents, and science shows that with that comes a tendency to take better care of themselves.