Ethan Freedman

Mental Health

Exercise Can Be More Effective Than Meds For Depression And Anxiety

High-intensity exercise like HIIT has the greatest benefits to mental health, according to a recent study.


Is Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding Safe? A New Study Offers Some Surprises.

Experts caution against it. But a new study finds that for early preterm babies, there are no short-term risks.


Just 6 Minutes Of HIIT Workout Can Give A Brain Boost, Says Study

Exercise is important for keeping your brain healthy — but not every workout is the same.

Kids' Health

Screen Time In 9-, 10-Year-Olds Linked To OCD Two Years Later, Study Says

Kids who spent more time with screens were more likely to have OCD symptoms two years later.


Does Weed Help You Sleep? A New Study Casts Doubt

A new study opens up questions about the relationship between a good night’s sleep and weed.


Smoking Weed While Pregnant May Give Your Child Anxiety, Study Shows

Kids exposed to weed during pregnancy experienced more anxiety-related issues.

Catching zzz's

The Whole Truth About Mouth Taping For Better Sleep

Yes, breathing through your nose is better for you. No, taping your mouth shut isn’t the way to do it.


A Parent’s Guide to Land Acknowledgments

Parents and families can educate themselves about Indigenous connections to the land where they live — and then put that acknowledgment into action.


Congress is About to Change Child Care Forever

The goal of the bill is clear. The results, not so much.


The CDC Now Recommends At-Home COVID Testing Before Indoor Gatherings. There’s Just One Problem

At-home COVID tests are, for now, an out-of-pocket expense that is not cheap.


Only One More Child Tax Credit Payment — And Time Is Running Out for 2022

Time is running out to pass the bill this year – and for many families, money may start to get tight.


Here's How to See Last Week's Total Solar Eclipse You Definitely Missed - Fatherly

Very few people were likely able to spot this rare event -- but luckily, NASA filmed it for the rest of us.


Do E-Cigs Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Here’s What to Know

A new study finds a link between e-cigarettes and sexual dysfunction in men.


Will The Omicron Variant Destroy Holiday Plans? Here’s What Parents Should Know

The holidays are still different than normal, but also different from last year. Here’s how to think about risk.


What Parents Need to Know About the Owlet Smart Sock FDA Warning

There haven’t been any specific safety concerns, but the company has at least temporarily stopped selling them. Here’s why.


What Parents Need to Know About the Omicron Variant

A new variant is causing headlines around the world. A lot is still unknown, but here’s what to know to keep your family safe as we learn more.


Disney Parks Will Finally Feature Black Santas For The First Time

Visitors to Disney World and Disneyland can meet a more diverse group of Santas this year.


COVID Cases in Kids Continue to Rise. Parents, Be Warned.

Most younger kids aren't yet fully vaccinated, so they aren't fully protected.


Portugal Bans After-Hours Work Emails. Parents in the US Need That Now.

Workplaces who bother employees during off-hours can now be fined.


You’re Not Alone: Most Parents Don’t Want to Have More Kids, Survey Says

Fifty four percent of parents said they didn't want more kids. And more non-parents think they never will.