Eric Spitznagel


The Monsters Among Us

Not long ago my wife and I received a text: an active shooter was near our son's school. It brought us to the brink of tragedy — and reminded me that some monsters are, in fact, real.


Drinking to Remember Our Dads in the Bar Where My Friend’s Father Was Murdered

Earlier this year, I met with a friend to drink and toast our dads. The bar we were in was home to many happy memories — and where, one night, his dad was shot.


Why ‘Astroblast’ Is the Kids’ Show I Kept Watching Even When My Son Stopped

There's never been a better show about what’s it like to be alive in 2017 than a cartoon about animals in space created for kids that was canceled two years ago.


11 Awesome Movies I View Differently Now That I’m a Dad

Becoming a parent changes the way you look at the world. And that includes movies. Cinema is filtered through a different lens now; the Dad lens.


Is My Kid Too Damn Cute for His Own Good?

My son Charlie is so cute people give him free stuff. Yeah, it's awesome for both of us. But will it end up making him a terrible person?


I Waged a War Against My Son’s Crappy Music and (Kinda) Won

To make it happen, I sought advice from a Harvard psychologist and Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy.


I Learned How to Be a Better Father By Going to Death Metal Shows

Sometimes the best parenting advice comes from watching some middle-aged guys in leather scream about Satan.