Doyin Richards


My Rude Introduction to Black Fatherhood

When I was a new dad, I had an interaction that made me realize what people thought of black fathers. I've worked to prove her wrong ever since.


I’m a Dad Who Suffers From Depression. Admitting That Saved Me.

Was it hard for me to admit it? Very. But coming clean made me a better father and man.


5 Lessons From My Father on How to Be a Good Man

My father died recently. He was the first man I looked up to and a remarkable human being. His lessons are worthwhile for all fathers.


Every Guy Thinks He Wants Boys, But Every Guy Should Want Daughters

Girls play catch too. They also help you become a better you.


What I Said to my Daughter When She Asked “What Is it Like Being Black?”

One day recently, my eight-year-old daughter asked me what it was like to be Black. This is what I told her.


I Don’t Have the Luxury of Being “Colorblind”

I find myself frustrated when well-meaning white parents utter such nonsense as, “I don’t raise my kids to see color. I wish we could all be colorblind."