Dan Hyman


America’s Most Notorious Little League Team is Helping Chicago

The team was stripped of its Little League title for cheating. And maybe that doesn't matter at all.


Nothing Brings My Wife and Me Together Like ‘The Bachelor’

The show, with its tan idiots, terrible dates, and rapid-fire reveals, allows my wife and me to connect in a way that few other activities allow. It's the best.


How Presidents of the United States’ Chris Ballew Became Caspar Babypants

Chris Ballew, the former front man of Presidents of the United States of America, is now better known as 'kindie' star Caspar Babypants. And he couldn't be happier.


The Man Behind America’s Wokest Fake Daycare Wants Parents to Chill

The 30-year-old behind the satirical Los Feliz Daycare Twitter account, which tells of a super woke daycare, had no idea parents would care.