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Baby Names

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These simple (if unscientific) tests will help you choose the perfect name.


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After three artificial insemination attempts, my wife finally became pregnant. The struggle we then faced brought us our daughter — and a new way of life.


Why Annoying Social Media Parents Are Still Worth Following

It's fun to bond over how annoying they are. But, more importantly, they help you figure out what kind of parents you don't want to be.


Fatherhood Teaches You Who Your Real Friends Are

Becoming a dad teaches you a lot of lessons. One of the biggest? That many friendships are situational.


How to Text a New Mom or Dad About the Baby Without Pissing Them Off

If you're the working parent and your wife is at home with the new baby, you will receive a lot of texts. A lot of texts. Here's some advice on how to respond


Please Stop Dumping Your Kids on Me At The Park

Allow me to rant.


How to Announce a Pregnancy Online Without Annoying Everyone You Know

Congratulations! Now, before you share the great news, here are a few things to keep in mind.


8 Things That Will Definitely Happen on Your First Date Night as Parents

#6 Everything will remind you of the baby. Everything.


What I Really Learned After Confronting Two Adult Bullies With My Daughter

Sometimes teachable moments teach the wrong things.


I Have Become the Dad I Hated When I Was A Single Guy

But I'm okay with it.


The Unique Pros and Cons of Being An Older Dad

I waited until 46 to have a kid. That makes me an older dad. It also makes a lot of things clear and a lot of things not. But I wouldn't change a thing.


Damn It’s Hard to Find a Dad Friend

I just need a dude to quote 'Anchorman' and talk about stocks, someone who'll remind me of the me I was back when the only child depending on me was myself. But, man, is it hard.