Bex Frankeberger


5 Little-Known Benefits Of Losing Your Hair

You actually gain a lot when you lose your hair.

Child Development

Why Reading Dr. Seuss Is So Good For Your Child’s Development

Superbly silly syntax.


Amazon Just Made Teleconferencing Equipment a Home Appliance

Amazon's newest Echo device, Echo Show, has a screen with tele- and videoconferencing features to make it easier for families to stay connected.


Boston Is The First Public School District To Get Rid Of This BS World Map

They're distancing themselves.


The 50 Best Places to Work for New Dads: Patagonia

Fatherly‘s annual “Best Places To Work For New Dads” ranking tracks the progress of the 50 companies doing the most to help American fathers balance work and family life. Every company on our list offers exceptional benefits, including paid leave, access to child care subsidies or programs, and flexible time policies. Though the list changes every... View Article