Andy Netzel


How To Teach Your Daughter To Stop Saying ‘I’m Sorry’

There’s a confident, assertive person inside even the most apologizing of apologizers.


How To Rock A Baby To Sleep Safely And Easily

Rocking a baby simulates the movement of the womb while keeping the kid close. The key to rocking is to move slow and pay attention.


How to Prevent Head Lice Infestation in School Aged Children

You got this.


How to Announce a New Baby to an Older Sibling

When it comes to parenting, sometimes it’s not about what you sell but how you sell it.


How to Introduce a Young Kid to Their New Baby Sibling

Don't have high expectations. Seriously.


How and When to Intervene in Playground Fights Between Kids

Parents are prone to swooping in when they see conflict, but letting kids work it out may just be the best idea.


Don’t Worry if Your Kid Plays Alone

Introversion in and of itself is not a problem that needs to be corrected.

Kids' Health

Canker Sores In Kids & Babies: Symptoms And Treatment

Canker sores in children are painful. Luckily, canker sore treatment can easily occur at home once they’re diagnosed.


How to Find the Table of Required Immunizations for Your Baby

The table of required immunizations is maintained by the American Academy of Pediatrics, but speaking to a doctor can help give parents guidance.


How to Introduce a New Baby to the Dog

Ensuring a good first impression when introducing a dog to a baby must start at pregnancy when the baby is still a bump.


How To Protect Young Girls From Sports Injuries

Parents love to watch daughters play sports, but they need to be aware of sports injuries typical of female athletes like ACL tears and concussions.


How to Introduce Kids to Video Games the Safe, Fun Way

Instead of setting strict rules that feel arbitrary and make gaming a forbidden pleasure, parents should take an interest in video games their kids play.


How to Teach a Child to Make an Effective Argument and Win

It's important to teach a kid how to state their needs, and lay out a reasoned argument in a calm, measured way.


How to Fight the Bad Influence of Your Kid’s Bully Friend

When a child's bad behavior is the result of a friend who's a bad influence, parents need to double down on the empathy.


How to Comfort a Tired Kid Who Wants to Go Home

Kids don't have the same perseverance or patience as parents do. It's important to have a game plan for when they become tired and stressed and ask to go home.


How to Trick Toddlers Into Thinking They Got Their Way

Giving a toddler a little agency allows them to tap into their inherent egocentrism and pride.