Andrew Burmon

Andrew is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn. A New England native and recovered Californian, he previously worked for Men's Journal, Maxim,, and The Cambodia Daily, among other outlets.


Police and Violence at Home: What The Numbers Say

It remains an open secret that police domestic abuse is a widespread and deeply entrenched problem.


How to Take a Bath or Shower With Children and Not Make It Weird

It's a great way to teach kids to be comfortable in the bathroom and comfortable with themselves.


Moms Do More. A Pandemic Won’t Change That

Many questioned whether Covid-19 would tip the scales of gender equity in the household. According to psychologist Darcy Lockman, the answer is a hard no.


Play Catch With Your Wife

Sometimes it's about baseball. Sometimes it's about love.


‘Gemini Man’ Is the Opposite of a Netflix Binge. That’s a Good Thing

The new Ang Lee action flick makes a compelling case for movie theaters.


Steve Alten’s ‘Meg’ is the Best Book Ever Written for 11-Year-Old Boys

They don't make giant prehistoric shark fantasy novels like they used to...


Watching the First Episode of ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ on its 50th Anniversary

Five decades after the first episode of Fred Rogers' show, it feels more audacious and stranger than ever.


How To Make Coronavirus Lockdown Puzzles for Kids (And Kill Time)

Parents are tempted to consider activities and games. Don't. Consider the rules.


Francois Clemmons, Good Cop on ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’, Still Has Hope

Francois Clemmons showed American kids what a police officer could be if he truly tried to keep the peace.


Government Stimulus Checks Show Trump and Leaders Abandoning Kids Mid-Pandemic

Let's talk about the numbers $1200 and $500 and consider the moral arithmetic being done in Washington.


Earth Day Fails Kids. It’s Time for Science Day.

Amid a pandemic, let's recognize that nature is not our friend and celebrate science, the best idea humans have ever had.


Not Ready For Meditation? Dish Washing Is Your Ticket to Defeating Anxiety.

It sounds like hippy nonsense, but the path to joy runs right through the kitchen sink.


The Pandemic He Predicted: David Quammen on How We Talk About Pandemics

National Geographic reporter David Quammen, predictor of the coronavirus outbreak, on navigating an emerging national conversation about death.


The Best Basics for Dads: Faherty Shirts, Scarves, and Ponchos

Simple, timeless, durable. And always appropriate.


‘Frozen 2’ Makes Zero Sense, Which Is Totally Chill

Disney wanted a blank canvas on which to splatter magic. Mission accomplished.


Why Fred Rogers Matters Now More Than Ever

Rogers has become the poster boy for goodness, but his greatness lay in the way he forced us to deeply consider ourselves and our feelings.


With Kids Books on Racism, Sexism Jelani Memory Follows Fred Rogers

Jelani Memory, the man behind the new children's book company A Kids Book About, just wants to speak truth to the powerless.


Is ‘Joker’ a Good Movie? Yes, But in a Cringe-y Way.

Joaquin Phoenix delivers big time in the Todd Philips auteur-turn that no one really needed.


Fielder’s Choice Baseball Glove Wallets Are Little League for the Back Pocket

Men finally have an excuse to carry their childhood baseball gloves at all times.


7 Rules of Success From iMentor CEO Mike O’Brien

As CEO of iMentor, a program that matches students from low-income communities with mentors who help them prepare for and succeed in college,Mike O'Brien has grown from a social-good start-up into a national non-profit juggernaut.