Adam Bulger

Adam Bulger is a writer living in New Jersey with a wonderful wife, a terrific daughter and a terrible cat. He’s written for a wide variety of publications and his interview with Hunter Thompson was collected in the 2009 book Ancient Gonzo Wisdom. In addition to being an avid amateur musician, Adam hosts the movie podcast Cinema Death Cult.

Good Night

I’m A Night Owl Married To An Early Bird. Here’s How We Make It Work.

Just because your sleep schedules don’t match doesn’t mean you can’t be in sync as a couple.


What It’s Like To Make A Mid-Life Career Change

Changing careers is hard. When you're a parent? It's even harder. But it's not impossible. Just ask these seven men.

Keeping Kids Safe

When It Is — And Isn’t —Appropriate to Call Child Protective Services

Sometimes concerns arise and authorities need to be brought in. Here's how to make the call.

Viewing Habits

Is Watching Porn Cheating? Well, It Depends…

The question of whether viewing porn is cheating depends on a couple’s definition of infidelity. One thing’s for sure: In this scenario, ignorance is not bliss.

Bank Of Dad

How To Ask Your Parents For Money Without Feeling Like A Child

Asking for a loan from your parents is never easy, especially when you’re a parent yourself. Here’s how.

Financial Intimacy

Keeping Debts Secret Is Often Worse For Marriages Than Cheating

Lies about secret accounts and credit cards are destroying marriages at an alarming rate.


Not Drinking? These 5 Tips Can Help You Keep The Social Anxiety Away

The prospect of hanging out with others who still indulge can kickstart anxiety. By drawing on it, you can create a plan to push through it and stay social.


11 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Suck

A bunch of parents filled us in on their favorite date-night rituals with their spouses.


7 Ways To Stand Out When You’re Working Remotely

It can be easy to fade into the background when you’re working remotely and most of the staff isn’t. Here are some tactics to help you stay visible.


The Secret to Asking for a Cost of Living Raise

It’s all about knowing when as much as how.

Good To Know

10 Signs You Might Be an Angry Person

Are you a person who gets angry sometimes, or an angry person? There's a big difference.


How To Be The Best Damn Uncle You Can Be

Uncles have an important role to play, one that shapes families and forges crucial bonds.

Make It Happen

9 Radical Time-Management Experiments That Can Improve Your Life

If you want to gain back control of your time, here’s what you need to do.

Talk The Talk

7 Supportive Things To Say To Someone Who’s Stopped Drinking

First thing’s first: Instead of guessing what a friend might need, ask them what you can do to help.

Car Safety

After Son’s Tragic Death, This Doctor Fought For Backup Camera Law

In 2002, Dr. Greg Gulbransen accidentally backed over and killed his young son. He turned his agony into activism and fought for backup cameras in every car.


9 Helpful Tips For Fathers Seeking Full Custody Of Their Children

If seeking full custody is the correct move for all parties invovled, here are some tips fathers should keep in mind.


Is California Sober The Way Forward?

Mental health professionals warn it’s a risky proposition for people prone to addictions. But for others, it might be the ideal lifestyle for post-pandemic life.


The Best Couples Therapy For You: The Pros And Cons Of 8 Common Types

Understanding the differences between specific types of couples therapy can help you and your spouse get the help you need.


Why Do Babies Smell Good? Science Explains

The science behind why everyone wants a whiff of my newborn.


7 Signs of Toxic Grandparents — And How to Talk to Them About Their Behavior

Grandparents add a lot to a family. But it's good to recognize the signs for when their actions need to be addressed.