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‘Zootopia’ Takes Home The Golden Globe For Best Animated Feature, But What About ‘Moana’?

Sunday night the Disney film Zootopia took home the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature, prompting many moms and dads to ask: What the hell happened to Moana?! Plenty of parents agree that both Disney films were welcomed and woke departures from the studio’s past efforts. A while it may be lingering Hamilton fever (not to be confused with scarlet), many took to Twitter to argue that the Polynesian anti-princess was snubbed.


Both Bustle and The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that Moana did not catch the wave of success fans expected, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t like Zooptopia. Hell, it was an animal allegory about life, social issues, and sloths working at the DMV. The only thing not to like about it is that it’s not Moana, and that point is hard to argue. Not only is Zootopia not a Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, it isn’t the counterpoint for young girls that Moana is. Still, Zootopia was released in early March 2016, giving it a nearly 9-month head start on your little surfer girl. That gestation period alone may have been enough to tip the scales in favor of those beasts of burden.


Rest assured, it is just the start of awards season and Moana has time to turn the tides in her favor before the Oscars on February 26. Regardless, competition this fierce means the quality of animated features for families is at an all-time high. So the real winners are you and your kid, who never have to watch another Ice Age again — unless Ray Romano is your preferred method of punishment.