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YouTube Stars Rhett and Link Decide to Get Their Vasectomies Together

No man is truly psyched about getting a vasectomy because sharp things + penis = nightmares. So, more and more men are teaming up to have the procedure done together, in an effort to have someone to hang with during recovery when all there is to do is watch TV and place a bag of frozen peas on your man parts. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, the new trend of tag teaming the procedure, dubbed the “brosectomy”, is even taking place in club-like luxury medical clinics where booze, flatscreens, and comfy robes await.

On last night’s episode of The Tonight Showpopular YouTube stars Rhett and Link announced that they’ll be making their ‘snip a joint affair, too. The duo, responsible for such internet ephemera as the OCD song and the Vacation song, have been friends since elementary school. Alongside a baffled Jimmy Fallon, they discussed how synced up their lives have been so far (they got married around the same time and had kids around the same time). To keep the streak alive,  they said they’ll be continuing the tradition by getting join vasectomies in a few weeks.

Fallon was shocked to hear this strange decision and seemed to almost not believe they were actually planning to sync up their vasectomy schedule. But they insisted they were completely serious, even hoping they might get a group discount from the doctor performing their big procedures.

The idea of a “brosectomy” might seem like an extremely weird and silly idea at first, but there is a method to the madness. A vasectomy can be a pretty daunting procedure. Even if, after much discussion and thoughtful consideration, you know it is the right decision, it’s not a pleasant experience. When you do it on your own, it adds an element of isolation and loneliness to an already difficult process. So why not sync up with a buddy and have someone to play Mario Kart with on the couch? And it’s not like this is a brand new idea: “Vas Madness” has been going on for years, because a lot of guys schedule the procedure to link up with the tournament.

And with the “brosectomy,” this uncomfortable experience is transformed into a fun chance for some time with your buddies. So if you’re planning to take this frightening step, maybe ask around and see if one of your friends is thinking about doing it too? Afterall, friendships are notoriously hard to maintain when you’re a father — and so is such undisturbed downtime. So why not follow Rhett and Link’s lead strengthen one bond when you’re cutting something else?