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YouTube Taught 8-Year-Old Boy Steals Car, Goes to McDonald’s

Adam Kliczek

On Sunday evening an 8-year-old boy stole his dad’s van to go to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger — a move that would make the Hamburglar proud. Multiple bystanders reportedly called the police after spotting the kid confidently driving with his 4-year-old sister in tow. (No word on if she helped him reach the pedals.) He boldly ordered at the drive-thru window with money from his piggy bank. The little rascal told police he learned how to drive from YouTube tutorials.

The tutorials seemed to work. Local Patrolman Jacob Koehler, who responded to the incident, was actually impressed by the boy’s driving ability. “He didn’t hit a single thing on the way there. It was unreal,” Koehler told the Weirton Daily Times. Multiple people observed him obeying traffic laws as well, unlike kids who learn the rules of the road from Grand Theft Auto.

It’s understandable how this could happen. A search of “how to drive” turns up a number of videos that could replace drivers ed. Since computers are basically boxes of porn, DIY videos aren’t the first thing parents think to block. But  kids could learn how to stick-shift too. And, oh, just think of all the poor clutches.

opposite day movie still

The takeaway is that if a kid can figure out how to use the internet, parents should assume they can also figure out how to do a hell of a lot of other stuff. So make sure they’re actually watching Daniel Tiger and not learning how to hot wire the family car.

[H/T] The Telegraph