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VIDEO: This Hacker Turned His Chevy Volt Into A ‘Mario Kart’ Controller

When it comes to classic video games, nothing quite compares to the pure fun of ‘Mario Kart 64.’ Whether you prefer the brute strength of Bowser, the blazing speed of Toad, or the completely average abilities of Luigi, you’ll never get tired of watching your opponents float aimlessly into space as you dominate Rainbow Road with ease. But is it possible to improve this iconic game? Even the question feels blasphemous, but YouTube hacker Gordon Hlavenka decided to give it a shot. With his specific set of skills, Gordon created maybe the greatest cheat code of all time: Connecting his Chevy Volt to an emulator which allows him to use his steering wheel as a controller.

As the video below shows, Gordon essentially turns his Chevy Volt into an N64. The car’s IRL steering wheel, brakes, and accelerator all control the digital Mario. And just to show off his hacking skills, Gordon was able to program the high-beam lights to make the character bounce and the windshield wipers to activate items.

If you just think this sounds like an unnecessarily complicated Wii U Racing Controller, think again. You can see how smooth the driving is thanks to this real-life steering wheel. And don’t even pretend you wouldn’t prefer putting the pedal to the actual metal instead of pressing the ‘A’ button like a wuss.

While this video may have you dreaming of heading to the garage and hooking up your N64 to your car, Gordon is an expert hacker. So unless you have a Chevy Bolt and some serious hacking skills, you’re more likely to destroy your car than successfully turn it into a gaming system. But even without this awesome upgrade, you can still bust out your old console and get ready to teach your kid how to gracefully accept their humiliating defeat.