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Tiny Astronaut and His Dog Become the Subject of a Photoshop Battle

Thanks to reddit, a boy and his dog are transported into space and science fiction.

If the Internet excels at one thing, it’s getting people to one-up each other. While this makes most comment sections a nightmare (Oh you feel this way about a certain topic? Let me tell you why I feel more strongly about this than you), it also allows for a lot of silly fun. Case in point: Reddit Photoshop Battles. Arguably the most joyful Internet activity, these are competitions where someone finds a random photo and asks a group to transport the person in said image to a different situation or scene using their retouching abilities. Someone recently uploaded a picture of a young boy walking a dog while dressed as an astronaut and oh man the resulting photos are a delight.

Here’s the original image:

PsBattle: this kid walking his dog in full astronaut gear from photoshopbattles

One of the most popular versions has the little astronaut and his space pup joining Neil Armstrong for the first-ever moon landing. And it looks like the dog is about to leave his mark next to the American flag.

Another poked fun at parents who like to use leashes on their kids, as an astronaut dad is shown using a leash to keep his tiny cadet from accidentally wandering off. We get it though: gravity is a bitch.

As no good Photoshop Battle is complete without a slew of pop culture references, users managed to cast the tiny space explorer and his canine companion into several space films. Including Armageddon.

And Alien, with the dog being replaced by a cat-hungry xenomorph.

The duo was also featured background in The Martian.

The most impressive image came in the form of a .gif from Imgur user Community-Stalker. They managed to make the young boy and his dog look as though they were floating around in space next to a satellite.

Perhaps the best thing was that this Photoshop battle managed to stay fun without getting too weird or mean, which is a huge win for something that gets popular on Reddit. If you have any great ideas about where this little dog walking spaceman should fly to next, head on over to Reddit and start working your Photoshop magic.