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You Can Now Go Hang Out In Mr. Rogers’ Actual Neighborhood

Mister Rogers began each episode of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood with a simple question: “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Now, 14 years after the show went off the air and 12 years after Rogers himself passed away, you can actually do it. The Heinz History Center, in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just put much of Rogers’ original set on display, so you can post up nearby and be neighborly all day long (or at least during the museum’s business hours).

This might be the only time the set of a beloved children’s show has been made permanently open to the public, but it’s not the first time the public has tried to find the set of a beloved children’s show. A thorough investigation by the Huffington Post last year into the actual location of Sesame Street pinpointed it somewhere around 86th Street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side … unless it’s the Upper West Side. Or possibly Alphabet City.

That show’s producers won’t confirm or deny any of it, so if you’re determined to show your own kid around the digs of a show central to your youth, book a ticket to Pittsburgh.