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You Can Now Buy Reptar Bars, The ‘Rugrats’’ Favorite Candy

Yes, they'll turn your tongue neon green.

Nickelodeon’s Rugrats ended their TV run in 2004. But people are apparently still craving Reptar bars, the beloved candy of Tommy, Chuckie, and crew. Well, now thanks to a nostalgia-fueled desire, a real-life version of the candy bar is now available to buy for a limited time.

On Rugrats, Reptar bars were a constantly sought after prize that fueled many of the titular toddlers’ adventures. Inspired by a Godzilla knockoff, they were chocolate bars filled with a neon green substance that referenced the character’s toxic radiation, and always stained tongues green.

The real-life version of the Rugrats-inspired bars are milk chocolate bars filled with neon green frosting. They’re now being sold at FYE locations, AKA For Your Entertainment, the mall-based pop culture retail chain that somehow still exists. We were under the impression that FYE had gone the way of Radio Shack, but there are 251 stores still nationwide, so you can search for your nearest location if for some reason a children’s show candy really gets your gears going.

If the new Reptar bar isn’t enough of a blast from the past, FYE also plans to sell Reptar Cereal with “monster flavor in every bite.” The cereal’s not available yet, but you can place pre-orders now for when it ships out on November 1. It’s the next best thing to seeing Tommy, Chuckie, and the rest of the gang back on TV.