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Horrifically Photoshopped Family Photo Shoot Goes Viral

"You can't make this stuff up"

In an era of online tutorials, proliferating side hustles, and easy self promotion, it’s hard to separate professionals from “professionals.” Pam and Dave Zaring recently learned this the hard way after hiring a “professional” photographer to take pictures of their beautiful growing family. The photoshoot ultimately went viral — and for good reason. It is deeply disturbing and totally hilarious thanks to some memorably incompetent Photoshop work.

Much to their credit, the Zarings posted the photos publicly, presumably after they stopped rolling around on the floor. On their joint Facebook account, Pam and Dave exclaimed that they “have not laughed this hard in YEARS!!!!!” after seeing how every face in the photo set looks as if it was drawn on by a child. The photos cost $200 and took the photographer eight months to retouch.

Posted by Pam Dave Zaring on Friday, January 12, 2018

Devoid of most color, in some pictures one person’s eye might appear not just fake but asymmetrical with one bigger than the other. In the next, all of the teeth are shaped more like stubby ovalish rocks.

Posted by Pam Dave Zaring on Friday, January 12, 2018

When confronted, the photographer explained that her professor never taught her how to retouch faces in photoshop and that “the shadows were really bad” on the day of the shoot. This is a peculiar assessment given that the bodies look human. While the photographer offered the family a reshoot, they declined. The couple seems perfectly content letting the gag play out and have even ordered photo books so family members can remember their “beautiful faces.”