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You Know What Can Distract An Antsy Kid Anytime, Anywhere? This Notebook Made Of White Board Pages

If you’re up to date on your Dad Twitter, you know you have more in common with Ryan Reynolds than the fact that women want you and men want to be you. Specifically, you both recognize that, while every one is a special little snowflake, your kid’s artworks are … kind of shit. Two bits of good news here: First, you can get away with saying that by attributing your “joke” to Reynolds. Second, your kid can practice all they want — lord knows they need it — without wasting paper and re-wallpapering your home with that garbage, thanks to Wipebook Pro.

Wipebook Pro Dry Erase Whiteboard Notebook

Wipebook Pro is a notebook of 20 dry erase board pages that, to let them tell it, allows you to sketch, draw, problem-solve, and take notes anywhere. You can undo, redo, rewrite, ideate, and whiteboard, or, uh, whitebook, to your little heart’s content. That’s all true, and if it suits you, great. But what truly makes this a great product for parent is that allows your kid to do all of the above without destroying acres of precious rainforest — and your otherwise unoffensive cubicle décor.

Like the original Wipebook, the Pro provides hours of screen-free, mobile kid distraction with no tiny, instantly losable pieces — besides the pen, and that has a built-in holder. This one just happens to have smudge protection and tanned leather covers, because your little artist is sophisticated. If, by some miracle, Junior actually produces something halfway decent, you can always snap a photo and keep it forever. Or at least tell them you will. They’ll be so deep into the next masterpiece they’ll have no idea you’ve already deleted it.

Wipebook Pro ($40)