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This Interactive Map Reveals All The Wi-Fi Passwords In Airports Around The World

When it comes to flying with your family, it can feel like the only free thing you’re entitled to is the complimentary holes being burned in your back by fellow passengers. So buy your man Anil Polat a beer the next time you bump into him in an airport, because the intrepid travel blogger just posted an interactive map with passwords for free wireless internet in almost every airport in the world.

Polat started this project independently as a simple list 3 years ago, and now it’s grown into the map of your dreams … and potentially nightmares, depending on your inevitable flight delay. You can even download it as an app called WiFox, which is available in iOS, Android/Google Play, and Amazon. That might come in handy when Netflix launches its rumored internet-free service.

The login information comes with tips about the best place in the airport to access the internet, so you don’t have to wander around like an idiot. The map may not have the passwords for all of the approximately 43,983 airports in the world yet, but Polat relies on air travelers to help update airport information by contacting him directly. So even if the airport changes the password, the system in place will hopefully have it revised long before you have to guess it. And yes, it’s still not your kid’s name, birthday, or “password.”

[H/T] Highsnobiety