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Queenie (Alison Sudol) came to her sister Tina Goldstein and Scamander’s rescue when they were nearly executed by Percival Graves aka Grindelwald. This young witch was largely underestimated because of her bombshell beauty, which she used to her advantage. This accomplished legilimens (mind-reader) can seek out and find out anyone’s deepest secrets. She fell in love with a non-magic person (No-Maj) named Jacob Kowalski. This is illegal in America. No-Majs aren’t allowed to marry witches or wizards. Even though Kowalski’s memory was erased of the wizarding world at the end of Fantastic Beasts, he seemed to remember Queenie when she walked into his bakery. We’re not quite sure what Queenie has been up to since, but we’re sure that her dangerous relationship with Kowalski will come up.