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In the first Fantastic Beasts film, we met poor Credence (Ezra Miller) in New York City when he was living under his adopted mother’s roof. This cruel tyrant, Mary Lou Barebone, beat the children she adopted and forced them to hand out pamphlets for the Second Salemers, an anti-witchcraft organization.He worked for Percival Graves aka Grindelwald to try to find the Obscurial, but it was him all along. Because Credence was forced to keep his powers hidden, he became an Obscurial. Most Obscurials die before the age of seven or eight, but Credence was powerful that he was able to use his Obscurus as a deadly force. Credence murdered Mary Lou and destroyed half of New York City, temporarily outing wizards to No-Majs. At the very end of the first film, it appeared as if Credence was killed by MACUSA aurors. Scamander saw a small piece of Credence’s Obscurus float away, however. We all had a feeling he wasn’t gone for good.

In the trailers for Crimes of Grindelwald, Credence is revealed to be very much alive. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be living very well. He’s one of the “freaks” in Circus Arcanus in Paris, France. It seems as like Scamander and Grindelwald are once again after Credence, but we aren’t quite sure why this time. There is some good news for this wizard though, he made a friend in another circus performer named Nagini.