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The Dumbledore you remember has a long, gray beard and half-moon glasses and is a kind, powerful grandfatherly figure. This is not Harry Potter’s Dumbledore. He’s nearly 70 years younger in The Crimes of Grindelwald… and he’s kinda hot? Jude Law takes up Dumbledore’s mantle in this film. Dumbledore isn’t yet the Headmaster of Hogwarts. He’s still a professor. From the trailer, it seems like he’s the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, though Potter fans remember that he originally taught Transfiguration. Hopefully J.K. Rowling clears that up for us. Dumbledore is very aware that Grindelwald is gaining power. Dumbledore and Grindelwald had a very close relationship and most likely a romance when they were teenagers. It’s implied from the trailers that his feelings are keeping Dumbledore from facing his former friend head on, so he sends former pupil Newt Scamander in his stead. These Fantastic Beasts films are supposed to lead up to Dumbledore’s very famous 1945 duel with Grindelwald in which he defeats the dark wizard.