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‘Where’s Warhol?’ Is A Clever, Art History-Driven Take On Everyone’s Favorite Introvert

If Seth Rogen is actually going to make the Where’s Waldo? movie, expect to see a hipster in thick-rimmed glasses stumbling through time and space, possibly while high. In the meantime, you and your kid can hunt for the real-life version of that in Where’s Warhol?, a picture book by artist Andrew Rae and art historian Catherine Ingram that’s exactly what it sounds like.

Fans of the original like you (don’t even — you’re on this site, you loved Where’s Waldo?) will recognize the game immediately. A dozen elaborate, detailed, colorful 2-page spreads depict different moments in art history, each packed to the edges with sly references, visual gags, red herrings, and somewhere in the midst of it all is … Andy Warhol. Ingram is on board to make sure what your kid sees is all real and true to the moment, whether it’s Michelangelo working in the Sistine Chapel or Andy himself partying at Studio 54.

That makes Where’s Warhol? both fun and educational and — in case you’re worried — totally SFW. But if you’re really worried that an art-driven take on Where’s Waldo? might sneak in the odd nod to the art history’s frequent libertines, you must have forgotten that Martin Handford’s original wasn’t exactly devoid of some adult humor. Seth Rogen can probably show you where the boobies are.

Where’s Warhol? by Catharine Ingram and Andrew Rae ($10)