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Make Every Day Pizza Friday With This Book Of The World’s Best Pies

There’s no shortage of children’s picture books you’ll love for their masterful artistry, whimsical words, or the empowering moral lessons they teach your kids. Here are some now. Here are some more. Hey look, more over here! There are even some that give a wink to you, the ever-waking reader of tales meant to motivate sleep. However, there are precious few titles that will inspire wonder and joy in father and child alike in quite the way that a forthcoming 575-page tome called Where To Eat Pizza can. Finally, every day can be Pi(e) Day.

Out in April, the book serves double duty as an educational primer on everyone’s favorite food and an atlas of all the places you now must plan to visit on future family vacations. Daniel Young, the New York Daily News restaurant critic, author, and pizza guru (the only title of those 3 that really matters) visited more than 1,700 pizzerias around the world, either in person or through other experts and aficionados, to discover the perfect slice (or pie. We’re cool, John’s. We’re cool.).

The result is a coffee table compendium of all those joints, slices, and reviews that guarantees you’ll be able to find the perfect pizza no matter where you find yourself. And with nearly 2,000 reviews in the bank, odds are good you can find one close to home. Because Junior might not be making that flight to Italy any time soon, but Pizza Friday is Pizza Friday, and your family deserves better. Sorry, mom.

Where To Eat Pizza by Daniel Young ($18, Pre-Order)