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Netflix Rolls Out ‘Buddy Thunderstruck’ And Disney’s ‘The BFG’ This March

Each month Netflix expands their video library with new TV shows and movies. Here is everything from original series, to classic TV shows, to family flicks you and the kids should be watching this month.

Spring is in the air. Well, at least it feels like spring online. Netflix has a crop of new series to keep your kids occupied while they wait for that first 70-degree day. This month, Julie Andrews hosts a new Sesame Street-like series for preschoolers, a stop-motion animated series of a semi-truck racing dog, and the 2 Disney movies your kids loved last year all hit the streamer.

Best Of The Month

Buddy Thunderstruck

A dog with a name that Angus Young would approve of, Thunderstruck was created by the team behind Care Bears, but made by the animation studio that crafted the less empathetic Robot Chicken. It channels the sort of silliness and high-octane energy of Talladega Nights … but for your grade schooler. Get ready to shake n’ bake with the kids on March 10.

Ages: 5+



While your kids were busy clamoring for Dory and Moana this summer, this forgotten gem completely slipped under your kids’ movie radar. BFG is a live-action film based on the classic Roald Dahl children’s book, and directed by up-and-comer Steve Spielberg (you may have seen his drive-in hit, Jaws). The film was in a holding pattern since the 90s, and finally made it to the screen last year. It was loved by critics, but unfortunately not enough by audiences. Now that it’s on demand anytime, there’s no excuse to leave it unwatched.

Common Sense’s Take: They gave BFG their “Great For Families” seal. Now’s your chance to confirm if it’s as good as they say. BFG debuts on March 15.

Ages: 7+


Julie’s Greenroom

It educates with a cast of puppets like Sesame Street, but instead of focusing on numbers and the alphabet, Greenroom is about teaching preschoolers the performing arts. You know, singing, dancing, acting, writing — producing. just to name a few. It’s hosted by Julie Andrews, and populated with creations from the Jim Henson Workshop. And if your kids can’t learn from Mary Poppins, there’s no hope for educational television. Greenroom debuts on March 17.

Ages: 5+


Pete’s Dragon

Speaking of Disney movies you may have overlooked, Pete’s Dragon is a remake of the trippy and flat out weird 1977 film. (Seriously, how did Disney make that thing?) The 2016 remake ditched all the insanity for good old fashioned feel-good movie stuff. Orphan Pete stumbles upon the dragon, who raises the child until loggers threaten to ravage the forest. And there’s no singing.

Common Sense’s Take: They said: “Parents will love this sweet throwback Disney film, and their kids will be enchanted by Pete and his friendly dragon.” Plus, the dragon doesn’t look like he was brainstormed after a bad acid trip with a terrible haircut.

Ages: 7+

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Angry Birds: Season 2
Bottersnikes & Gumbles
Hot Rod Unlimited: Season 1
Kung Fu Panda
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

What’s Leaving

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey
Iron Man
Justice League: The Flashpoint
Justice League: War
Otto The Rhino

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