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The Best Kids Movies And Shows On Amazon Prime In February

Each month Amazon Prime expands their video library with new TV shows and movies. Here is everything from original series, to classic TV shows, to family flicks you and the kids should be watching this month.

The blistery reach of old man winter knows no end. Amazon Prime, however, keeps you warm in February through the soft blue glow of the device of your choosing. This month, must-streams for kids include a new Valentine’s Day special for preschoolers, Robin Hood redux, and nature the sequel.

Best Of The Month


Creative Galaxy is back with an all-new Valentine’s Day special. The preschooler series is from Angela Santomero, and depending on who you ask, she’s either the genius or mad scientist behind such kids hits as Blue’s Clues, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Super Why!. The Amazon Original follows Artsy and sidekick Epiphany through their journeys in the creative galaxy. The little series has some star power: Samantha Bee, Lisa Loeb and former Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones all supply voices, but don’t expect any political punchlines about space government.

Common Sense’s Take: CSM praised the educational series, specifically the show’s focus on the utilizing the arts to problem solve. “[The series] fosters an appreciation for art not only in the traditional sense through painting and sketching but also with respect to tasks such as building and working with fabric.”
Ages: 4+



Even the planet needs a sequel! The visually beautiful series by the BBC is back for more high-def and up-close nature. Capturing parts of the planet that 99 percent of the population will never get to see, Planet Earth 2 shows kids how a bear scratches his back in the woods and how pink flamingos are naturally hilarious.

Common Sense’s Take: It should come as no surprise, PE1 was highly praised by CSM and loved by critics. Considering how the trailer (above) has 9 million views, you can expect this series to be another home run.
Ages: 6+


Introduce your kids to Steven Spielberg with one his lesser remembered films: Hook. Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman star in this offshoot of Peter Pan, where Pan (Williams) grows up and forgets about that Neverland stuff. The movie is not a classic like E.T., but it’s Williams’ best starring live-action kids movie unless you’d rather watch Flubber.

Common Sense’s Take: CSM says despite the film’s popularity, Spielberg and Williams “made this movie for their children, seemingly without regard for anyone else’s kids, who may not like such a sweet center or dark edges to their entertainment.” Ouch! Still, your kids might want to color their hair red and start chanting, “Ru-Fi-o! Ru-Fi-ooo!
Ages: 10+


Everything Else That’s New On Amazon Prime


For Preschoolers

Creative Galaxy Heart Day Special (2/7)

For Older Kids

Bizzare Food with Andrew Zimmern Season 20
Care Bears Movie (2/1)
Hook (2/1)
Hoosiers (2/1)
MasterChef Junior Season 5
Mighty Magiswords Volume 2 (2/4)
Nuts (2/1)
Planet Earth 2 (2/19)
Steven Universe volume 6 (2/2)
Teen Wolf [1985] (2/1)
Yellowbird (2/4)

For Teens

Pretty in Pink